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It used to be said that a business without a website was barely a business at all. Now however a business without a web marketing strategy is barely a business. But there’s a problem, the web marketing tight rope most businesses are left to balance is a broken process.

If you have a website you have likely engaged a web designer, a web developer, a copy writer, a social media specialist and a host of other specialists, leaving you to corral, direct and manage tasks and projects few have the understanding and skill set to effectively measure, let alone manage.

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Most businesses are left with only one of two solutions:


1. Hire a team of web professionals to build and manage your web presence


2. Outsource to expensive consultants while assuming the project management role.

better web

CRE8 Collective wants a better web,
and a better web comes from a better web process.


So what’s the magic formula for building and managing an effective marketing campaign no matter your budget?


The CRE8 Process

A robust discovery process highlights opportunities to pursue and details phase-by- phase deliverables for Design, Development and Marketing. A flexible master strategy is constantly refined by and within each individual phase using The CRE8 Collective process.

"The purpose of these three company scenarios is to illustrate that our process is not cut and dry,
but can be flexibly applied to suit the web needs of any company.”

Devin, CRE8 Collective Inc


How CRE8 Collective Works With Clients -
The Six Phase Process Applied By Varying Degree

client case studies


Company A is a startup company requiring bespoke web-presence and branding development from scratch. CRE8 applies an even emphasis campaign, assigning an even amount of time to each phase: Discovery - Design - Development - Marketing - Refinement - Strategy in order to deliver on campaign goals developed in conjunction with the client.


Company B is an established company with a strong sense of its goals and direction but looking to refresh and refine its web presence with a focus on look and functionality. This is a business reliant on off-line sales and marketing efforts seeking to improve and expand online lead generation. CRE8 Collective applies its process by applying more emphasis on the Design and Development phases in order to reach the campaign goals created in conjunction with the client.


Like Company B, Company C is also an established company, seeking to fine tune its marketing process by extending a well established foundation with the newest web technologies and methods. CRE8 alters it’s process to accommodate Company C’s immediate marketing needs while not neglecting the 6 phase process happening in tandem - Discovery - Design - Development - Marketing - Refine - Repeat.

A Different Web Perspective

The Forest From The Trees

As a business owner your perspective of web marketing is likely task oriented.



Keeping your site content fresh, relevant and up to date


Keeping up with Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest ...


Marketing your products online and off-line


Constant professional opinions - like focusing on SEO, PPC and other web marketing


The CRE8 Marketing Perspective

When CRE8 Collective applies it’s phased approach to developing and managing your web-presence, the perspective becomes more unique, measurable and inter- connected. Resulting in richer content and web marketing campaigns with clearly defined phases, milestones and deliverables for the life of your campaign.

“You are likely not a web-marketing specialist, otherwise you would be doing my job, so why not leave the web-marketing headaches to us and you can focus on what you do best.”

Ainsley, CRE8 Collective Inc



Phase 1.


No matter the size or history of your business, we need to gather perspective during the Discovery Phase. While Client input is invaluable, it shouldn’t dissuade campaign potential as we can rarely predict online behaviour not supported by facts.


The perspective we consider initially through an introductory brainstorming session includes demographic and competitor analysis, and how existing solutions can be leveraged to pin-point audience online behaviour.

Next we refine this strategy with supporting research to build the critical perspective on how to link behaviour with strategy; leveraging mediums and methods that engage your target audience, whether they be online or off-line.


The Discovery Phase delivers a strategic platform influencing every critical Marketing aspect of your campaign.  

“Discovery defines and directs each and every phase of your campaign..”

Devin, CRE8 Collective Inc

Phase 2.


Armed with knowledge and intricate understanding, our team goes to work on building a flexible creative repository driven by the wisdom of applied knowledge gained in Phase 1.

The Design Phase leverages colour theory; image messaging; demographic targeted branding; Development content strategy and copywriting; user interface design; user experience; and user interaction to accurately encapsulate your Company’s Persona.

The Design Phase delivers a crafted image and voice connecting medium and message to audience, which in turn guides emotional connection to measurable action.


“Design is far more functional than just looking good, it stirs emotion which breads loyalty and consequently drives action and rection. Colour theory is not some arbitrary favourite, but rather represents who the client truly would like to be.”

Ainsley, CRE8 Collective Inc


Phase 3.


Our Process can be likened to designing a home. In that example, Phase 1 is similar to engaging an Architectural firm to plan for the Homeowner’s expectations, balancing needs and wants. Phase 2 in turn, is much like engaging an Interior Designer to reflect the Homeowner’s persona with appropriate design elements. Now you need someone to actually build the home.


You would never engage an Interior Designer to fabricate your home, yet this is unfortunately a common practice on the web today. Much like building a home, a specific skill set is requried to execute the plans to completion.

The Builder has to take into account; the foundation, framing, insulation, dry-wall, electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry etc, applied in a logical progression that ultimately delivers what the client is expecting.


This is the difference with engaging CRE8 Collective’s dedicated Development Team to bring to fruition this critical Development Phase.


“A professionally accredited builder couples industry standard, professional grade tools with an intimate understanding of the fundamental building code, producing a quality finished product that the Homeowner can be proud of!”

Devin, CRE8 Collective Inc


Phase 4.


Phases 1 through 3 have been focused on readying your web presence for public consumption.You now have a proper strategy in place, a full repository of design elements, and a well rounded web platform, rich with appropriate functionality.

Now it’s time to strategically present your newly created web-presence online through targeted web marketing, both organic and paid efforts.

Web Marketing is like a game of chess. Requires focus, patience, strategy, determination, and an intimate understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each piece at play.

The Marketing Phase delivers a robust yet flexible strategy leveraging the abilities of cutting edge technologies to reach the furthest corners of the web. “Pushing” targeted content to qualified and segmented demographics searching for your company at multiple touch points: online, offline, mobile, social, in addition to traditional mediums.



"A CRE8 Marketing campaign is constantly improving in efficiency and expanding in reach. Check!"

Ainsley, CRE8 Collective Inc


Phase 5.

Analyze & Refine

While traditionally, a web development and production firm would consider their work complete at this point, this is where CRE8 Collective makes it’s mark.

Careful measurement and consideration of campaign performance, highlights opportunities for improvement through A/B testing, conversion optimization, cost per acquisition measurement etc.

no cookie cutter solutions

The original goals set out during the Phase 1 Discovery process are the beacons for measurement agains which your campaign’s success is evaluated; highlighting the efforts to expand on, and which to discard.

Why is this important?

Because there simply are no cookie-cutter web marketing solutions. What works for someone else will most certainly not work for you. The only way to maximize campaign surety is to continually analyze and refine. Checkmate.


Phase 6.

Renew & Expand

No matter the size of your company, a campaign with CRE8 Collective enjoys cost certainty with exceptional return on investment, and a campaign that exponentially improves in efficiency month over month.

Our goal at this point is to make your business reliant on CRE8 Collective by making it clear that we are paying for our services through a proof of concept which is a tangible return on investment.

A question appropriately raised at this point is: “Okay, but what happens at the end of Phase 6?”

Beyond Step 6 - POSITIVE ROI

renew & expand

Proven Concept -
Positive Return On Investment

Starting from Phase 4, CRE8 Collective has been gathering data while optimizing your pay per click (PPC) campaign. At this point, our proof of concept has gathered enough data to make efficient marketing decisions. You may choose to continue or expand your PPC budget based on a cost per acquisition model.

positive roi chart


"Our operating philosophy is that your web presence is never really complete. We build long term relationships valued on trust and proven performance, build during these initial 6 Phases. We hope that this relationship will extend well beyond an introductory campaign."

Ainsley, CRE8 Collective Inc